What is a work of art?

Definition of an original work of art

The only existing definition is for tax purposes.

cf. article 98 A de l’Annexe 3 du Code Général des Impôts.

Contemporary art is quite complex. Contemporary art includes works created from 1945 to the present day.. They can be paintings, sculptures, photographs, performances, drawings - any medium is suitable.

"Works created by the author or under his control" :

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The artist is not obliged to ensure the technical production of his work. He may entrust this task to a service provider, provided that he supervises the work.

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Before launching a series, the artist creates a reference work (replication n°0, which he keeps in an archive). The art edition can then be produced in accordance with this reference replication.


Hilario De Païva carries out the design and replication work himself. This work is carried out with the utmost care, in the traditional way, using adapted, high-performance equipment.


Only works judged by the artist to conform to the reference replication will be validated by the artist, and may be offered for sale after numbering and signature.

"Signed and numbered up to a limit of how many copies, all formats and media combined." :

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Signature and numbering are mandatory.

Total number of replications : Chambre Syndicale de l'Estampe focuses on the way the work is conceived, point. But it's a definition that doesn't limit the number of tests.

It's up to the artist to decide how many copies will go on sale. He can choose to design five thousand or more. But he can also choose to set a fixed number of creations: twenty, twelve, five, or even a single copy.

There are no rules for signing and numbering.

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For replicas delivered alone or with an accompanied presentation (with passe-partout): the author signs and numbers at the bottom of the margin, below the completed work, directly on the paper support (or other materials if no passe-partout), by hand, using a graphite pencil, without ever using ink. The date on which the work was produced is also inscribed on the back of the frame.

As regards numbering, the author indicates the replication number on the series total (e.g. n°12/15). The number of copies is fixed before the first replication goes on sale, and cannot be changed. Once all copies have been sold, the work is withdrawn from sale.


"Authentication of the work" :

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A certificate of authenticity is by no means compulsory. It can, however, help to improve the work's traceability. It is usually supplied on request.

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Certificate issued by the author, sealed with dimensions and detailed descriptions of the work, year of conception, edition and author's signature.