Hilario de Païva is a passionate and talented artist who has been able to express his creativity through various art forms. Originally from Melun, Hilario has always been fascinated by the colors, shapes and textures around him.

Since the age of 13, Hilario has developed a passion for visual art and artistic creation. He has explored different techniques and mediums, from oil painting to sculpture and photography. However, it was his encounter with automotive art that truly marked a turning point in his artistic career.

Attracted by the beauty and aesthetics of prestige cars, Hilario found endless inspiration in these exceptional machines. He began experimenting with prestige car keys, and makes carbon fiber plates as the base material for his artistic creations. These keys, charged with history and symbolism, have given life to unique and captivating works.

Each piece created by Hilario is the fruit of meticulous work and exceptional craftsmanship. He pays particular attention to detail, seeking to capture the very essence of these iconic automobiles through his artistic compositions. Each work is carefully numbered and signed, guaranteeing its authenticity and artistic value.

Beyond his artistic talent, Hilario is also committed to an ethical approach to his art. He obtains car keys from authorized car recycling centers, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment. By choosing eco-responsible frames, he seeks to create a harmonious balance between his art and the natural world around him. He wishes to offer his works a support that reflects his environmental values and perfectly complements the aesthetics of his creations. By using environmentally-friendly materials, Hilario is committed to sustainable development and encourages everyone to adopt a responsible approach to our planet.

Hilario de Païva's art transcends borders and languages, touching art lovers the world over. His unique work, combining art and automotive passion, offers an exceptional artistic experience to those who appreciate the beauty and emotion of prestige cars.

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